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Argyll Convention 6th - 8th August 2019



The 2019 Argyll Convention took place in the Corran Halls, Oban, from 6th to 8th August

It was a Christ-centred occasion, both in the Bible expositions, and the other meetings.

Alasdair Paine spoke at the morning meetings on Philippians - showing how sharing the Spirit of Christ, who humbled himself, would solve the church's problems and make it glorious. It was a call to think about our sovereign Lord, and thus rejoice in him instead of giving way to anxiety. His addresses were: 'Big Problems - Wonderful Antidotes', 'A Great Secret of Gospel Unity', and 'More Messages for Us'.

Alex MacDonald spoke about 'Encounters with Jesus'  from Mark's and Luke's gospels. He portrayed three people meeting the Saviour - The Woman of Samaria (He Understands Me), the Demoniac of Gadara (He Values Me), and Mary of Bethany (He Defends Me). The Saviour was seen and lessons were learned.

Other contributors were from MAF, Open Doors, and CARE in Scotland

Left to right in the picture are: Alex MacDonald, Alasdair Paine, and George Cringles (Chairman)


Listen to audio of the main talks

 The Convention began with a musical event. The Alex MacDonald band - with songs of love and war - and special guest Olivia Ross of the Shee.  Our thanks to Oban Baptist Church for providing the venue. .

 Various Christian organisations had stalls at the Convention, including a bookstall run by CLC. William MacKenzie of Christian Focus Publications gave book reviews. William and Carine also did a presentation on holding worship in a family setting. 

 And the Convention ended with a musical event. The new Chairman, George Cringles, trained as a professional musician before entering the Christian ministry. He organises a 'Songs of Praise' held on the Friday evening in St John's Cathedral on George Street, close to the Convention venue. 


Alasdair Paine

 With roots in the Oban area Alasdair is a frequent visior to the Argyll Convention along with Rachel and their children. He spoke in 2015 on 'The True and Living God'.  A former Head of Geography at a leading English school he puts his teaching skills to good use in his Bible expositions. After working in Bournemouth and Exeter he moved to Cambridge in 2011 to become Vicar of St. Andrews the Great. He is also an author and a trustee of the Keswick Convention. A recent publication is 'The First Chapters of Everything: How Genesis Chapters 1 to 4 Explains our World', published by CFP. 

Alex MacDonald

 Sometimes called a 'hippy' in his early years Alex became a pastor in Aberdeen and Edinburgh. He also edited 'The Monthly Record', served on local authority education committees and 'finally reached respectability by preaching before the Queen'. His books include 'Tell Me the Story: The Carpenter', a dramatic retelling of gospel narratives. He is known for his clear communication of the Bible's teaching and an ability to apply it to life today. He grabs and holds people's attention. Now retired after four decades in pastoral ministry his activities include writing songs that look at life from a Christian perspective. 

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Convention: Tuesday 6th to Thursday 8th August 2019