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Recordings of main 2017 addresses


Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World

That was the theme in 2017. In the mornings Simon Austen spoke from Matthew 12-14 using the thought, 'Security for the Soul'. The evening addresses were by Dominic Smart who looked at the wisdom the Book of Ecclesiastes teaches us.

2017 Tuesday morning

Simon Austen - 'The Message - Be sure the Word works'

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2017 Tuesday evening

Dominic Smart - 'Wise Up! - Folly is Fatal'

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2017 Wednesday morning

Simon Austen - 'The Messiah - Be sure who Jesus is'

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2017 Wednesday evening

Dominic Smart - 'Reading God: life's art

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Thursday morning

Simon Austen - 'Be sure why you need him'

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Thursday Evening

Dominic Smart - 'Go for it: while you still can!'

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