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 Annual gatherings in the beautiful tourist town of Oban, on Scotland's west coast.







Mornings: 10.00 prayer meeting; 11.00 Alasdair Paine

Afternoons: 2.00 Christian organisations report on their work. Time for Q&A

Evenings: 7.30 Alex MacDonald

Venue open all day

Titles of talks will by posted later



With roots in the Oban area Alasdair is a frequent visior to the Argyll Convention along with Rachel and their children. He spoke in 2015 on 'The True and Living God'.  A former Head of Geography at a leading English school he puts his teaching skills to good use in his Bible expositions. After working in Bournemouth and Exeter he moved to Cambridge in 2011 to become Vicar of St. Andrews the Great. He is also an author and a trustee of the Keswick Convention. A recent production is 'The First Chapters of Everything: How Genesis Chapters 1 to 4 Explains our World', published by CFP.



Sometimes called a 'hippy' in his early years Alex became a pastor in Aberdeen and Edinburgh. He also edited 'The Monthly Record', served on local authority education committees and 'finally reached respectability by preaching before the Queen'. His books include 'Tell Me the Story: The Carpenter', a retelling of gospel narratives. He is known for his clear communication of the Bible's teaching and an ability to apply it to life today. Now retired after four decades in pastoral ministry, he is still very active. This picture hints at one of his favourite occupations, writing songs that look at life from a Christian perspective.

The 2018 Spring ConFerence, titled 'CONFIDENT CHRISTIANITY',  was led by Dr Andy Bannister of SOLAS Centre for Public Christianity

It was designed to help participants share their faith with confidence, 

engage with atheist friends, and discuss the uniqueness of Christ in a multi-faith society.

See some of SOLAS work at this link -  https://www.solas-cpc.org/wp/shortanswers/ 

Previous events

Take a look at some of what has happened in previous years. 

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2017 addresses

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About the Argyll Convention

What the Convention is like


The main event is an annual 3-day conference in early August. It is funded by donations, so there is no charge for taking part. You can come to as many or as few meetings as you wish.

People come from many parts of the country as well as the local area.

The day begins with a time of prayer, followed by a break. 

The morning and evening meetings major on explaining a passage of the Bible and applying it to our lives. Also, various Christian organisations tell about their work, from helping the persecuted, through Bible translation, to caring for families. 

The mix of activities includes stalls, book reviews, and the opportunity to explore ideas with the speakers and mingle with everyone taking part.

Who and what


Subjects have included:

  • The suffering and glory of Christ
  • The church in the Book of Revelation ('The Time is Near')
  • God's holiness, sovereignty and faithfulness
  • Wisdom from Ecclesiastes
  • History of revivals in the Hebrides
  • Church planting in Indonesia

Speakers have included:

  • Richard Bewes (pictured above)
  • Carine MacKenzie (children's author) 
  • Tim Chester (church planter and author)
  • Alisdair Payne (Cambridge vicar with student ministry)


The Convention was started in 2013 by the leaders of several churches in the Oban area of Argyll to hold Christian conferences in this part of the Scottish Highlands. It is a summer event, providing for the area's many tourists as well as local people. In addition, a day conference is now being held in the Spring. It is an independent non-denominational charity and in 2017 it became part of the Keswick Fellowship. Its purpose is:

  • to promote biblical teaching
  • to present the challenge of the gospel in the teaching of Jesus Christ
  • to encourage Christians to adhere to the whole counsel of God as revealed in the Bible
  • to emphasise God's call to practical obedience to his Word including missionary responsibility
  • to assist people in developing a greater understanding of the Christian faith and heritage including its local context





  1. Is this another church?    

  1. No.       This annual event is organised by people from several denominations in Argyll. In fact, people from all the Oban churches have taken part in it.

2. I’m not a Christian. Is this for me too?    

  1. Yes.       It is intended for you as well as others. Some people come who just want to find out more. Others have been through times of doubt or distress and found the Convention helped them

3. What can the Convention do for me that my local church can’t?    

  1. It brings together many Christians from across the churches and from different parts of the country. It brings in speakers of international standing. It provides a gathering of Christian activities from caring for families to Bible translators. All under one roof. 

4. Do you expect us to just sit and listen?    

  1. No.       Part of its attraction is fellowship with other Christians. It gives a chance to mix with authors, missionaries and many Christian workers. People have found the Spirit of Christ speaking into their lives as they listened to the Bible being opened and applied. Spiritual hunger has been met.

5. What will it cost me to come?    

  1. There is no charge, no registration, and you can come to as many or as few meetings as you choose. If you wish, you can help to cover part of the cost by making a donation. 

6. What’s in it for local church leaders?    

  1. It is a time of refreshing for leaders and it helps their people contribute better to the life of their church. Horizons are widened as we meet Christians from other places and activities. It gives resources for living, from the many books on sale to the information provided by the organisations present. The focus on God’s word teaches and motivates, helping people return to their churches with renewed vision. Also, we meet other church leaders, giving us opportunity to work together for the gospel.

7. Is there children’s or youth work?    

  1. Not yet. The Argyll Convention began in 2013 and is developing. We hope to make special provision for young people when it has grown a little more.

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