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Oban, Argyll, in the Highlands of Scotland, home of the Argyll Convention - annual Bible conference

Annual gatherings in the beautiful tourist town of Oban, on Scotland's west coast.

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2020 Convention


 4th - 6th August

The main speakers at the 2020 Argyll Convention will be

Wayne Sutton, senior pastor at Carrubbers Christian Centre, Edinburgh

Andy Prime, pastor of Gracemount Community Church Edinburgh (20 Schemes), formerly of Charlotte Chapel

TUESDAY -  11.00               Wayne Sutton         Prayer: Nehemiah 

TUESDAY -  7.30                  Andy Prime                Gospel Ministry and the Mercy of God - 2 Corinthians 4

WEDNESDAY -  11.00      Wayne Sutton          Prayer: Psalms

WEDNESDAY - 11.00       Andy Prime                Gospel Ministry and the Fear of God - 2 Corinthians 5:1-15

THURSDAY - 11.00           Wayne Sutton           Prayer: James 4

THURSDAY - 7.30              Andy Prime                Gospel Ministry and the Appeal of Go 





ALASDAIR PAINE (CAMBRIDGE) - 'Philippians - What the Spirit says to the Churches'

ALEX MACDONALD (EDINBURGH) - 'Personal Jesus - Life-Changing Encounters with Christ'

2019 Programme



10.00    Open prayer

11.00    Alasdair Paine - Philippians 1 - 'Big Problems, Wonderful Antidotes'

2.00      Andy Martin spoke about the work of MAF

7.30      Alex MacDonald - Personal Jesus: 'He Knows Me' - John 4:1-42



10.00    Open prayer

11.00    Alasdair Paine - Philippians 2 - 'A Great Secret of Gospel Unity'

2.00      Mark Hinde from OPEN DOORS 

7.30     Alex MacDonald - Personal Jesus: 'He Values Me'' - Mark 4:35 - 5:20



10.00    Open prayer

11.00    Alasdair Paine - Philippians 3,4 - 'More Messages for Us'

2.00      Stuart Weir spoke about the work of CARE in Scotland 

7.30     Alex MacDonald - Personal Jesus: 'He Defends Me' - Mark 14:1-10

 The Convention began with a musical event. The Alex MacDonald band - with songs of love and war - and special guest Olivia Ross of the Shee.  Our thanks to Oban Baptist Church for providing the venue.

Various Christian organisations had stalls at the Convention, including a bookstall run by CLC. William MacKenzie of Christian Focus Publications gave book reviews. William and Carine also did a presentation on holding worship in a family setting.

And the Convention ended with a musical event. The new Chairman, George Cringles, trained as a professional musician before entering the Christian ministry. He organises a 'Songs of Praise' held on the Friday evening in St John's Cathedral on George Street, close to the Convention venue.

About the Argyll Convention

What the Convention is like


The main event is an annual 3-day conference in early August. It is funded by donations, so there is no charge for taking part. You can come to as many or as few meetings as you wish.

People come from many parts of the country as well as the local area.

The day begins with a time of prayer, followed by a break. 

The morning and evening meetings major on explaining a passage of the Bible and applying it to our lives. In the afternoons various Christian organisations tell about their work - from helping the persecuted, through Bible translation, to caring for families. 

The mix of activities includes stalls, book reviews, and the opportunity to explore ideas with the speakers, and mingle with everyone taking part.


Friends of Argyll Convention

We give grateful thanks to God and to those who have given time, used their talents, contributed financially and pray for the Argyll Convention. 

The Argyll Convention is run almost entirely by donations received each year mainly at the Convention which is operated as a non-fee paying event.

We would like to ask you to consider becoming a Friend so you may partner the aims of the Argyll Convention.

We would rely on you as Friends:-

· To PRAY for the work of Argyll Convention for the Committee and all those helping with the practical arrangements for the Convention. 

· To TELL your friends and Church about the Argyll Convention.

· To consider making a FINANCIAL DONATION as a practical demonstration of support.

Can you please prayerfully consider if you could become a Friend. A form can be sent to you to complete and return. Use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

The Argyll Convention is a charity registered in Scotland. Its number is


Who and what


Subjects have included:

  • The suffering and glory of Christ
  • The church in the Book of Revelation ('The Time is Near')
  • God's holiness, sovereignty and faithfulness
  • Wisdom from Ecclesiastes
  • History of revivals in the Hebrides
  • Church planting in Indonesia

Speakers have included:

  • Richard Bewes (missionary leader - pictured with Pam above)
  • Carine MacKenzie (children's author) 
  • Tim Chester (church planter and author)
  • Hector Morrison (Principal, Highland Theological College, UHI)

We regret to tell you that Richard Bewes passed away on 10th May 2019. We loved his visit in 2014 and are most grateful for it. Wise and gracious he was a tireless worker with a real missionary heart. His influence is worldwide. Our deep sympathy and prayers are with Pam and the family. His addresses are on the Audio page - click below to listen

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6th to 8th August 2019

Corran Halls, Corran Esplanade, Oban, Argyll, Scotland PA34 5AB

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