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'Jonah - A Signpost for Humanity' -  Martin Allen

'The God Who Seeks and Saves: Learning from Acts' - David Cook

Also: 'See What God has Done!' Tom Lennie spoke about revivals in the West Highlands

'Christians Facing Challenges' - Nigel Kenny (Christian Institute)

'Community Bible Experience' - Adrian Armstrong (Scottish Bible Society)

A visual of the book of acts


The 2017 Convention met around the theme: Finding Meaning in a Meaningless World. Simon Austen gave us a perspective on that as he spoke from Matthew's Gospel about Jesus Christ and 'Security for the Soul'. He told us to 'Be Sure of the Word'; 'Be Sure of Jesus Christ', and 'Be Sure Why You Need Him'. Dominic Smart explained the wisdom found in the Book of Ecclesiastes using the headings: 'Wise Up! Folly is fatal'; 'Reading God: life's art', and 'Go for it! While you still can'.  Other subjects and speakers included: stories by Malcolm MacLeod of Steadfast Global from societies where people are persecuted for their faith in Christ; an account of medical and translation work in the highlands of West Papua in Indonesia (people there want to bring the gospel back to the UK!); a presentation of the work done by Mission Aviation Fellowship; and, the significance of the Reformation for today, by Alistair Wilson of the Highland Theological College.  


Main speakers were on that occasion were: Angus MacRae who spoke of the sufferings and joy of Christ, and Dominic Smart who led us through parts of Ezekiel showing the holiness, sovereignty and faithfulness of God.


John Angus MacLeod, Vice-Principal of Edinburgh Theological Seminary, stood in at short notice and showed us in a moving way 'The Glory of Christ' from John's Gospel.   His colleague on that occasion was Alisdair Payne, a pastor in Cambridge and a trustee of the Keswick Convention. Alisdair pointed to 'The True and Living God' as he is revealed in the early chapters of Exodus.


A memorable conference, with Hector Morrison, Principal of the Highland Theological Seminary UHI, and Richard Bewes, now retired from All Souls in London and busy writing and broadcasting. Richard spoke on 'The Time is Near' from Revelation 21 and 22, while Hector showed us 'Christ Redeeming, Rising and Reigning' from Isaiah 52 and 53.


The very first Argyll Convention, and so a big 'Thank You' to Tim Chester, church planter and author from 'The Crowded House' in Sheffield. Tim showed us from the story of Samuel's birth that 'There is No Rock Like Our God'.

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Convention: 6th to 8th August 2019